Купить Other People?s Words – The Cycle of Low Literacy (Paper)

Other People?s Words – The Cycle of Low Literacy (Paper)

2377 Руб.

The Point of Words – Children?s Understanding of Metaphor & Irony (Paper)

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The Point of Words – Children?s Understanding of Metaphor & Irony (Paper)

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The Culture of Literacy (Paper)

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Hard Drive – Bill Gates & the Making of the Microsoft Empire (Paper only) (6 Copy Set)

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The People of Chaco – A Canyon & it?s Culture (Paper)

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Early Years Literacy Program in Victoria:

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From symptom to cure: Adult Literacy Policy from the 70s to Moser

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Evaluation of Literacy Skills of Hearing-Impaired Children

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The Legacies of Literacy – Continuities & Contradictions in Western Culture & Society (Paper)

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Cultural Factors Influencing Gender Literacy Level

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A Low Cost Model to Improve Literacy Rate in Pakistan

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A Sociological Analysis of Constraining Factors in Education Sector

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Contact behavior of lock gates and other hydraulic closures

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Community Literacies and Adult Literacy Education

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Landscape & People of the Franchti Region – Fascide 2 (Paper only)

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People of the Book – Canon, Meaning & Authority (Paper)

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A Primer of Visual Literacy (Paper)

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Badran: Opening The Gates (paper)

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Spelling for Literacy for ages 6-7

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A History of the Jewish People (Paper)

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Spelling for Literacy for ages 10-11

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Spelling for Literacy for ages 9-10

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Spelling for Literacy for ages 8-9

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Katherine McKnight S. Common Core Literacy for ELA, History/Social Studies, and the Humanities. Strategies to Deepen Content Knowledge (Grades 6-12)

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Spelling for Literacy for ages 5-6

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Spelling for Literacy for ages 7-8

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Taboo words, Euphemisms and Language change

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Mao?s People – Sixteen Portraits of Life in Revolutionary China (Paper)

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In Other Words (Paper)

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Adult Literacy as Technique and Technology of Governmentality

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NEJE DIY Low Temperature Stirling Engine - Silver + Transparent

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Enterprise – The Dynamic Economy of a Free People (Paper)

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Literacy Pattern of Schedule Tribes in HP: A Geographical Analysis

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The image of the Iranian people in the Ottoman Empire’s chronicles

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Review Paper of Acalypha indica

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The Literate Mind

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Factors Affecting Literacy Rate of Pakistan

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Literacy through Distance Education: A Model for Developing Countries

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The Inclusion of the Other – Studies in Political Theory (Paper) (OBE)

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Myth and authorship in literacy practices

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21st Century Digital Information Literacy

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Study of Financial Literacy Among the Teaching Staff

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Financial literacy is considered as an important medium for enhancing people’s knowledge about basic finance concepts which leads to better savings, investment, capital formation which in turn leads to economic growth and development. At this juncture, the need for financial literacy is getting greater because of the low level of literacy and a large section of society remains out of the formal financial set-up. For making students financially literate it becomes necessary to see the financial literacy among teachers at school levels and college, irrespective of any discipline. If teachers are financially literate then they can train the future productive citizens practically in this new endeavor. On the basis of surveys of financial literacy we can develop the programme for teachers to foster their financial literacy.

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